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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What type of connection should be formed in the “tens” in order to feel the inner connection with the teacher within this unity since only through him can we establish connection with the Creator?

Answer: Working in the group of ten, you do not have to think about the teacher. I say this not out of some kind of modesty, but because this is not the right approach. The teacher must be high enough in the student’s eyes and respected enough so as to become a magnifying glass through which you look at your path to the Creator and can advance. You use this lens, your teacher, as glasses, but he does not become your goal.

You look not at the glass, but at what is behind it; however, you can see this only with its help. This lens focuses your line of sight on the Creator correctly; this is the role of the teacher and the group.

I see all my students united in one circle, in one body, and I speak addressing this one person. If you try to be included in this common body and connect with them in the way I see them connected, you will receive spiritual information from me. We will meet inside this common body, and there we will really understand each other.

If you want to understand what I am saying, you can understand this in your mind or feel in your heart, but to understand truly you need to be precisely in the center of the group, as if you are walking around the room trying to hear a faint sound and suddenly you find the place where you can hear it well! And if you step a meter to one side or the other side, you will hear nothing. Try it!

It’s necessary to feel the importance of the teacher but only to the extent that is required to perform the work in the group for the sake of revelation of the Creator. The teacher is your instructor, a guide on the spiritual path but not an idol or a king replacing the Creator by Pharaoh’s example.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/13, Writings of Rabash

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