The Crisis Is Being Revealed

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Gerald Celente, interview):  “The global collapse will lead to the printing of more money, but only gold will become a safe asset in the coming collapse. People will look for safe investments in the form of goods when the system will begin to collapse. We will witness riots in Brazil and Venezuela, instability from Mali to Congo, in Central Africa, the Sudan, Somalia, the Middle East and these people will flood Europe. There is no way of stopping this wave. This crisis is multilayered and it will include the economy, geopolitics and will lead to social riots, civil wars and other local confrontations.”

My Comment: Unless we become aware of the mutual connection of the world and begin to accept everyone as one whole in all our actions and in our relationships, we will not be able to manage the situation. All our actions will be divided and destructive. But seeing the world as one whole can only result from becoming familiar with the wisdom of Kabbalah and by  studying the internal structure of the world.

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