The Three Experts: Be Prepared For A Crash

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Gerald Celente, Harry Dent, and Robert Prechter): “‘The economic recovery has been weak, so the next downturn should generate bad news in a big way,’ Mr Prechter told USA Today, saying the markets look ‘very bearish’ for the third time in 12 years.

“Mr Prechter told USA Today both markets will crash back below their lows hit at the height of the financial crisis in March 2009. Unemployment fell last month to 8.3 per cent, a three-year low, and weekly jobless claims are at a four-year-low.

“But Mr Dent believes that people will be left out of work again in 2013 or 2014 and U.S. markets will crash because central banks have been pumping so much money into markets that they are unrealistically strong.

“Mr Celente told USA Today that a higher unemployment rate will cause social unrest and there will be a growing rich-poor divide. This would no doubt help fuel movements such as Occupy Wall Street.”

My Comment: No comment—people’s mentality will change only under the threat of bankruptcy and destruction. Meanwhile, we can only prepare materials and disseminate as much as possible, the method of improving the quality of life.

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