Crisis = Danger And Opportunity

laitman_600_02Opinion (David Servan-Schreiber): “Helping others activates areas in the brain that stimulate a feeling of pleasure in us. So specifically because of this in difficult times we must put emphasis on communication between people.

“A nation that dedicates itself to the growth of its Gross National Product, interprets all measurements in monetary units. But it is impossible to measure the health of children, happiness, singing, stable married life, the honesty of those in power, humor, education, wisdom and love with money. The Gross National Product of the nation measures everything, but just not those aspects for which it is truly worthwhile to live.

“The positive development of a nation doesn’t need to be measured by the growth in the manufacture of weapons and the building of prisons, rather through the true welfare of its citizens. People are happy when their jobs are not connected to consumption. Creating a connection with others, being active, concentrating on shared events, learning all the time, trying something new and devoting yourself to others; this is the formula for happiness!

“It will take a worldwide financial crisis for these eternal values to finally become the subject of public debate.”

My Comment: It is specifically suffering that forces us to pay attention to others, even though it seems that suffering locks a person inside himself. But basically only through suffering does a person reach compassion and mercy. So the developing crisis will force us to pay attention to those around us and in this way attain happiness. But this would be only after very great suffering! Instead, the wisdom of Kabbalah offers its own easy way to rapidly attain happiness together. So now choose! It is not by chance that the Chinese character for “crisis” is composed of two characters: “danger” and “opportunity.”

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