The Three Weeks (At Bay)

laitman_293We are in a special time now called Bein Hameitzarim, the three weeks from the 19th of Tamuz until the ninth of Av. This period is known throughout history as difficult times for the nation of Israel, but let’s hope that, this year, we will be able finally to correct it so that this period no longer will bring about different disasters as in the past.

Question: How can unfortunate events be related to a certain time?

Answer: Everything that happens in our world stems from the hidden of forces of nature that we don’t feel. We only feel the outcome of their actions, but we actually don’t reveal these forces.

If we speak about electricity, for example, it means that we see how different electrical appliances work or someone gets an electrical shock. Thus, we find that the network has power.

This is also how we discover the force of gravity, according to the outcome of its actions. If an apple falls on my head, I can say that there is a special force that is called the force of gravity.

We never discover the actual forces. There is an entire network of forces around us, starting from subatomic forces inside tiny atoms and molecules and ending with cosmic forces that operate between the stars and the planets in the universe. Everything that we see is a result of the actions of different forces. Every force can be discovered only according to the outcome of its influence on matter. Why does the earth revolve? It means that there is a force that revolves it. All of the planets revolve as a result of a network of forces that set these cosmic objects in motion.

However, we need the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to discover the actual forces because it tells us about the forces that are behind matter, including the forces that are behind man, forces that manage the calendar. We can see all of the forces behind each day and behind each revolution of the earth on its axis and every revolution it makes around the sun. Humanity has accumulated data from different experiments and has made tables as in any scientific field, according to which this period is considered especially unfortunate.

However, the wisdom of Kabbalah is called the wisdom of truth because it tells us the reason for everything that happens. It tells us why the calendar is arranged this way, why the earth revolves around the sun, and why man was created this way and how he is related to others.

If we discover a certain phenomenon, we investigate it through ordinary scientific tools. The wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, tells us about hidden phenomena and forces, and therefore is called the concealed wisdom, the secret wisdom, since it tells us the secrets of creation.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 7/14/15

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  1. Nice article. All this does make for a much more interesting and thought provoking world.

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