Health, Not Wealth, Makes Us Happy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Independent): The Office of National Statistics (ONS) of Britain attempted to “quantify a phenomenon that has until now been the preserve of poets and songwriters rather than statisticians….a happiness (or more accurately a wellbeing) index….

“All ages …seem to agree that, fleeting pleasures aside, there is a holy trinity when it comes to how positive we feel about ourselves and where we live: good health, functioning relationships and a satisfying job.”

My comment: For all the people in the world happiness comes down to satisfying the following:

  • Three bodily desires rooted in the “animate” body (food, sex, and family (friends));
  • Three “social” desires, arising under the influence of society (wealth, power or fame, and knowledge).

Surveys in each country can identify how its citizens view happiness because everybody has the above mentioned six desires. But in each individual, they are expressed in a particular proportion, while in every nation, in a proportion specific for a given nation.

There is another kind of people who, beside these six desires, have a higher desire to reveal the meaning of life—its root, the Creator. Satisfying all other desires interests them only to the extent necessary for their existence.

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  1. Yep, that’s me, I feel very satisfied in all of the six desires, and do well in them, however, there is something more out there than this stuff and it’s important and giving to the whole of the world and contributing to mankind helping itself is more important to me spiritually

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