The Happiness Index

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Pravda): “The indicator of the level of GDP is increasingly criticized. According to experts, this is not a good indicator of social welfare. GDP cannot estimate the international flow of income, production of services by households, destruction of the environment, quality of social relations, economic and personal security, health and life expectancy.

“GDP increases when growing crime, pollution, disasters and public health threats entail costs for protective or remedial actions. Economists suggest using the ‘happiness index’ instead of GPD. The UN has adopted a resolution that happiness should be included among development indicators.

“Despite the broad public interest in the happiness index, this indicator is purely subjective. From the point of view of each individual, the state of happiness is considered the highest achievement, which include all the other desired acquisitions: intellect, wealth, health, fame, love, peace, children, joy, and so on.”

“Otto von Bismarck said about happiness: ‘For happiness one needs to be healthy, to be rich and to be a fool. Without the latter, the first two qualities do not matter!’”

My Comment: The method of integral development of man creates a feeling of happiness outside ourselves, collective, and the quality of being a fool is no longer necessary for happiness!

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