The Time Of Ascent To The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah is discovered when people feel that they are found in a blind alley and nothing on the face of the earth can help them. Therefore, specifically in our time, and only in our time, can we talk about this.

Basically, they began to talk about this a little earlier, from the days of the Ari (the 16th century), when humanity was entering into an early period of correction. Therefore the Ari is considered the founder of the spiritual movement for correction.

One of the successors of the Ari was the great Kabbalist Baal Shem Tov who disseminated the wisdom of Kabbalah very successfully in wide circles of the population. For several centuries people advanced by working on themselves, and during that time they wrote very deep, profound books.

But after that, everything gradually faded away because humanity, under the process of development, had not yet tested this development. It was hoped that all kinds of technological and social developments would bring us something good. Fifty or sixty years ago people dreamed of the conquest of space, dreamed about penetrating into matter, ventured, and searched, but today all this is already a thing of the past.

Even though humanity had always aspired to advance in its development in egoistic ways, today everything has become empty and has failed. One and only one means is left in our hands—the wisdom of Kabbalah or for the general public, the method of Integral Education.

What must we reach? The Kabbalists explain this very simply. The Creator created a perfect condition, which is called the world of Infinity (Olam Ein Sof), where we are found in an absolutely different dimension, with sensations different from our current ones. We descended from this state and were shattered into fragments like a puzzle that now must be assembled.

Now we must return again to a state of the world of Infinity, to absolute connection and unity, bringing everyone towards one unified whole so that the feeling that I exist separately from others will disappear; so that the need and desire to escape somewhere, to move to the side, will disappear; so that all of my desires, characteristics ,and feelings, everything that I feel, will absorb the entire world into them. Then all the separate fragments of the puzzle will be consolidated into one collective picture and only that will be felt.

So the biblical commandment “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” will become materialized, as Abraham proclaimed even in ancient Babylon, from where all the damaged religions and faiths later came. And today we must realize all of this.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 3

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