To The Desires Of A New Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore the stages of the shattering, the created being was totally adhered to the one and only force that exists in the world, and was in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) knowing everything, in the feeling of absolute perfection, in eternity.

From this state, he began to gradually descend to our world, was shattered and expanded as its parts drew further from one another, through the repulsion of the constantly growing ego, until they descended all the way into our world. So in our world we actually feel that we are totally separated and distant from one another. We cannot even imagine what true connection and unity between us is.

Throughout human history there were individuals who yearned for unity, but it was natural for them. As Baal HaSulam says, in every generation up to 10% are altruists in whom this attribute is naturally rooted. Even in our times there are different movements that fight for certain humanistic values, for adhesion and connection, and politicians and others take advantage of that.

But this is not what is meant as the goal of creation in nature. The goal of creation is the ascent above our ego with the unity that follows. We have to work on the unity and it needs to be implemented against our ego, not our natural ego, but the ego that appears when we aspire upward.

Our corporeal desires match the level of our corporeal development. The head and the body of an animal are on the same height, which means that its desires and aspirations are on the level of the corporeal needs. This is how nature operates on us. A human being’s head, however, is above the body, which means that his thoughts, dreams, desires, and aspirations are higher in quality and in their importance. This differentiates the levels of the animate and the speaking.

We know that our advancement can only take place under sufferings and different problems that we encounter when our nature simply pushes us forward and doesn’t let us exist quietly and peacefully. This has been clearly revealed since the end of the 20th century.

To The Desires Of A New Level
So until the world reached the phase of complete egoism, which we are already beginning to feel as the bad side of our nature, the wisdom of Kabbalah, which considers it necessary to change the nature of man himself, was concealed. There was no need for it because people might distort it as happened with religions.

Instead of advancing to closeness according to the principle of love thy friend as thyself, which is the greatest and most important rule of the Torah (what the Creator requires of a person), every religion began to engage in something of its own, egoistically claiming that everything depends on the mechanical fulfillment of its actions and that those who follow them blindly reach Heaven and those who don’t reach hell, etc. The wisdom of Kabbalah is totally against this approach and therefore it is totally different from all other methods and religions.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 3

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