One Mother For All

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Everything depends on our request from the upper, but how can I be sure that the upper has what I am asking for and that He will want to give it to me if my request is right?

Answer: The right request is called MAN, a prayer. If you intend to ask for something that is very important to you, it isn’t enough just to ask for it. There are so many people like you asking for something. You need something to gain the upper being willing to help you, to win His sympathy. You have to know Him better and understand how to get closer to Him, and to check what He likes. This means that you have to perform different actions in order to please Him and to be near Him.

The request has to be so that your GE or the Reshimo (spiritual gene) that rises towards the upper has to be exactly according to His desire, to the AHP of the upper.

One Mother For All
The lower has a Reshimo for the fulfillment of the new state, so how can I get a response from the upper? The upper has a system called “the breasts of an animal” that are always ready to fill the lower, but you have to prepare the right vessel in order to receive a filling in it.

If you bring a sack of coins, you will not be able to receive milk in it. You need a vessel that is designed to receive the Light and that is perfectly suitable for it in quantity, quality, and in its purpose. The purpose is mainly what you need the Light for.

This “animal” is everyone’s mother and not only yours. If you come to it in the name of everyone else and want to receive from her, she will give you want you want, but not otherwise. But you don’t really feel, understand, or accept that. You don’t agree! You hope to be favored by her, and that’s the whole problem.

But mother is exploding with milk… and you only have to ask for everyone, otherwise you will not receive one drop. If you reach the right request, MAN, you promise to convey everything that you have received to humanity, which becomes your AHP and joins your GE. Since this is everyone’s mother, she cannot give less than that; that’s the way she is. She has to give 100% and you have to receive 100%, 100% of a desire to bestow against 100% of the vessel and a deficiency.

You have to be whole as to 100% of what you can give of your vessel, of your Reshimo. Since a “whole adheres to a whole.” If a baby makes one sound asking his mother for food, he requests 10 grams of milk in order to pass to everyone, and so he will receive his 10 grams. But first he has to promise that he does it for the benefit of everyone. If not, the request isn’t whole and we will not receive anything. This may cool a person down a bit and sound disappointing.

Question: But how can I promise that I will convey to everyone what I receive if I am a thief by nature? What if I suddenly steal some of it?

Answer: This is called “a prayer before a prayer.” Ask for a desire before the desire, that you will have a good desire, ask the upper to put the right prayer into your heart. You cannot reach that by yourself of course.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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