Do You Want To Be Happy? Be Happy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanResearch: Foundation for Future Studies (Stiftung fur Zukunftsfragen) has published findings on personal happiness in Europe. “The most positive outlook on life came from the people of Denmark, with almost all of those interviewed (96%) saying they were happy. In contrast, the Germans (61%) came in at a lowly third to last place, justifying their reputation as pessimists.”

68% – Europe (average),
96% – Denmark,
80% – Greece,
79% – Italy,
77% – France,
72% – The Netherlands and UK,
63% – Austria,
61% – Turkey, Germany,
37% – Russia.

My Comment: How can the Greeks, in debt and other problems, be happier than the Turks and Germans? As we see, everything is relative, and happiness is not in abundance, although in general, women, country folk, couples, well-off people are happier than men, urban dwellers, singles, and low-income people. If we give a person “everything necessary for existence” and the joy of reciprocity, warmth, and justice, he will be happy!

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