Locked In The Universe

laitman_739A Kabbalist is a scientist who investigates our lives, this world, the reality in which we are found. However, he investigates it with special tools, with new senses developed within him. In the meantime, we don’t have senses like these through which it would be possible to discover the upper world that is now concealed from us.

This sixth sense is the feeling of the higher power, love and bestowal, that we do not possess now. We feel our world through our ego with the five corporeal senses.

Our egoistic desire wants to know, to understand, and to feel the reality in which we are. An approach like this locks us into some kind of closed sphere, this universe.

The universe only seems gigantic to us, but, in fact, it is nothing compared to the world that is found beyond its limits. We need to break out from this sphere and feel the reality that is outside of us, and for this we require an additional sense based upon bestowal.

We only have senses of reception now, so we draw everything to us and are limited only by this physical world. We call everything that is discovered through the five corporeal senses the world in which we live, but this world is given to us only so that throughout this life we would break out beyond its limits to a higher, more external and extensive world. How can we break out if we draw everything to us internally? So, we need to develop a sense of bestowal, instead of the sense of reception. This new feeling of bestowal takes us out of our physical sphere.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is designed to develop in a person a desire to bestow, to love, and to grant to him a feeling of the outside world. That is how he discovers that another reality exists that is right next to us, but is revealed only through a new approach: from yourself outward.

Therefore, it was written, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself” is the great general rule of the Torah because it indicates what characteristic we must develop within us to feel the upper world, the higher power.

To be continued…
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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