The Main Law Of Israel: General Integral Education

laitman_254_01Question: We are all very different from one another. The nation of Israel is probably the most fragmented nation in the world since it is divided into a plurality of layers and factions in which there is an infinite number of differences.

If I differ from others, I can present to anyone an entire list of what he must correct about himself. So, how will we ever become one whole with all this criticism? After all, criticism invokes hatred and division. How should we unite if we are in continuous conflict?

Answer: We do it in discussion circles! These circles are held all over the country. In these circles, we try to teach people to connect and unite above all the differences. As it is written, “Love covers all transgressions.”

You can build love only when you ascend above all the “sins” that you see in others. The reason is that I see that the other is immersed in all the sins that are opposite to me, behaving in a contemptuous manner, relating only to others. I must build an umbrella of love that will cover all of us.

Question: What is this umbrella made of? What sustains it?

Answer: It is the fact that each of us ascends above himself in order to work out the connection with others. This is possible only with the help of education that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers to us.

We also must introduce this method of education in kindergartens, schools, universities, workplaces, and to the unemployed. It must become the most important thing! Every person, every citizen in Israel, should have a notebook with the tests and courses he has taken.

Question: What will these people study?

Answer: Integral education. They will learn how to become one nation, how to achieve brotherly love, connection and unity among everyone, and how to ascend above their ego and connect to others. Everyone must learn this; otherwise, he will not get any benefits from the state!

The study must be on a daily basis since a person must be renewed every day and must receive a new portion of knowledge. He must hear what he must fulfill, how crucial it is, what the connection and unity give us, and how it heals all of our illnesses.

This must become the general law, the supreme law of the country. After all, the problem of our country is to turn the nation into the nation of Israel since we will not be able to exist any other way.

We always have existed only if we were united and connected between us. The moment we ceased to be united, we fell from brotherly love to unfounded hatred, were thrown out of our land and dispersed among the nations of the world.

Now, we have returned to this land, but everyone already realizes that it is only temporary. Listen to what the American government says, to what the Europeans say, to what they keep saying in increasingly louder voices. They want to eliminate the state of Israel.

Question: What do you think can save us?

Answer: Just by becoming one whole! Then everyone will understand and feel that we are needed in the world because we set an example of connection and unity above all the differences. After all, this is what the world needs so much! This is called being a Light unto the nations.

All of nature is built on connection. If a single atom did not connect to another atom, we wouldn’t exist in this universe on this planet.

How has nature developed on this planet? It is only thanks to the connection of more and more components that were increasingly more different from one another. See what we have come to! This is the only way we can exist!

Now we must grow and ascend even higher in our internal, spiritual evolution so that we will be able to see the future world now, as it is written, “May you see your world in your lifetime.” It is all thanks to an increasingly greater connection. Nothing is attained any other way but by connection.

This is the reason that integral education isn’t just the education of “good kids” but a means to advance, not under the blows of nature, but thanks to the right solution of the problems that nature intentionally has given to us so that we will continue ascending above them and will unite more and more strongly. Now, we must continue the process of evolution, but by ourselves, implementing it on ourselves.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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