Uniting Above All The Differences

laitman_944Question: How can we unite above all our differences? After all, we are so different and it is hard for us to accept others the way they are.

Answer: It is hard for a person to accept others because he doesn’t have the general integral perspective. If he had it, he would see to what extent everyone complements each other and that everyone has his own special role: one is an engineer, another is a teacher, another a worker, and another a doctor, etc. And in addition, a person could see that the greater the difference between us, the stronger our special connection between us is, and that the wisdom of Kabbalah guides us to it.

When we are finally able to connect and unite, a special jigsaw puzzle will suddenly be created by our connection and it will begin to illuminate. This is what we call, to bring Light unto the nations of the world: When we show the world an example of unity. After all, the world is in a terrible low state!

Question: Based on what do we unite?

Answer: Based on what we see in our inner eye, how much everyone is needed in this puzzle that we have to put together correctly, as each one is an essential part in it and must be in his right place. What is more, we don’t correct anyone!

Baal HaSulam tells us in his article “The Arvut” that no one should be changed, it is necessary to find the right relationship with others. After all, the characteristics each has were developed by nature, and even under the influence of others, a corrupt environment, and will eventually develop according to the general upper leadership, and all these attributes are essential and vital.

When people connect, it is actually their different qualities that will create the general picture, one whole jigsaw puzzle, and by uniting correctly, they will be able to see what the nation of Israel is, how versatile it is to such an extent that all its members are opposite from another, but together they all make one whole, one united nation. That’s the way it actually is when they ascend and connect above all the differences.

Question: But what do all these different people have in common?

Answer:  The point is that together and only together they reach wholeness and a state in which they ascend above nature and feel that they are on the next level of human evolution. This is actually what humanity demands of the Israeli nation and it is the reason that they hate us, because they believe that we steal their good future from them. We have to attain this future and set an example for humanity, because the world doesn’t need anything but unity.

When we are not united, we even cause harm to nature and invoke natural disasters and afflictions, disturbing the balance on our planet. We are the ones who cause all that! It is because we are on a higher level of development than all the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature, and therefore affect the whole world and its ecology.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/2/15

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