A Patent For Happiness That Is Open To Everyone

laitman_944Question: You say that the role of the Israeli nation is to unite and to set an example to the whole world, but won’t this unity and the resulting success in the economy antagonize our enemies even more?

Answer: Unity is the only thing we should accomplish and all the nations will welcome it gladly and gratefully. Positive unity can never harm the world. By uniting we fulfill the law of the upper nature and therefore cannot invoke any harmful effects.

What is more, by uniting we lock the general system into one symbiotic relationship: the still, vegetative, animate nature, and mankind. All of nature becomes one harmonious connected whole. This is the only thing the world lacks.

The modern global crisis stems from the fact that all humanity is mutually connected but at the same time people hate one another. Therefore we have no time to stall; we must fulfill our unity and the world will become balanced. Our connection and the love we feel for one another will unite us all. Everything depends on education. We don’t need much money and resources to achieve that. We only need to educate the nation according to the principle of unity, and the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us this method.

Question: What will the united Israeli nation be like?

Answer: Everyone will suddenly wish to have more or less the same standard of living and the same responsibilities. We will work only for our basic necessities and will not produce things for which there is no need, except for making a profit.

We will dedicate all the free time we will have to strengthening our unity, and thus will begin to discover the upper world, the level of nature in which we exist even outside our bodies. We will discover a world that is above our egoism, the upper spiritual world, and we will feel it as real as the world we live in now.

We will discover such internal connections between us through which we will begin to discover nature; we will find out that we are all connected and that each one feels everyone else. The feeling of this general network that ties us all is called the revelation of the Creator to man, the revelation of the general force of nature that governs our life.

Let’s at least try to listen to what The Book of Zohar and the wisdom of Kabbalah tell us about the basis of the creation and what they advise in order to solve the problems of the people and the whole world. They can all be solved by the simple unity of people.

We cannot unite only because we don’t know this simple patent, but if we accept it and fulfill it we will discover how simple and accessible it is.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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