Where Can We Find The Answers To Burning Questions?

laitman_934Question: People ask you questions about different issues on the Internet. Some are worried about the issue of autism in children, others worry that a war may break out, and others about the economic situation, etc. Do you give concrete answers to these questions or do you give general answers?

Answer: The point is that humanity has been facing all these issues for centuries. If these issues are so ordinary and concern each of us, why hasn’t anyone found an answer to these questions by now? It is because a person must find the answer to these questions inside him and it is impossible to give someone the answer. A person has to change himself in order to do so!

This isn’t actually such a big problem because it can be solved in a discussion circle with people who conduct it according to a certain method, and then we can see how we can change the world. We will feel that we suddenly have a tool for changing and correcting the world and it will give every person the specific answer to any question he may have.
From an Interview on RTN, New York, 7/21/15

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  1. But i dont understand my priorities i am getting confused about what is human what is animal sometimes what if i am still messing things up? What if to rescue that person crying i am blowing someplace up. What if that person crying is just me and i am causing anxiety for others for simple crying

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