The Source Of All Questions

Dr. Michael Laitman“Introduction from The Book of Zohar,” Article “Who Created These,” Item 8: And there is another one, below, called MA. What is the connection between one and the other? The first one, called MI, is hidden. There is a question in him. Since man questioned and researched, to look and to know from degree to degree through the end of all the degrees, the Malchut, once he has arrived there, he is MA [which means “what” in Hebrew], meaning “What did you know?” “What did you observe?” “What did you research?” After all, everything is as concealed as before.

This is an example of how the upper one arouses the questions in the lower one by clothing in it. Where there arise no questions, you are not clothed onto the upper one, and hence you have no questions. It is GAR de Bina where everything is Hafetz Hesed (one who wishes nothing for himself). Hafetz Hesed has no question; he is loyal and that’s it.

Below that level, in ZAT de Bina, the questions arise: Why? What for? What is worthwhile, and what is not? These are all questions that could awaken in the lower one in order to be answered. That is why it is called “the end of the sky”: One can ascend there, reveal it. This is YESHSUT, our upper home.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/10, “Introduction from The Book of Zohar,” Article “Who Created These”

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