The Spiritual Conquest Of The Land Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the Jewish people entered the land of Israel, they had to continuously fight their egoistic desires. The first thing we should expect is a very long period of conquering the land, which means fighting an internal war among us and within each one of us.

Great hostility and hatred appear between us that is in opposition to our wish to unite in order to receive the Light of Hochma that shines in the land of Israel.

If we cannot receive this light, it will operate and affect us negatively by invoking different problems and hared towards everyone, including our friends and brothers with whom who we had good relations just the other day.

In the desert, on the level of Bina, we were one whole. Suddenly we began to fall into a dark and infinite abyss called the land of Israel. To where have we been brought? Yesterday we hugged each other, sat around the bonfire, sang songs together, and everything was fine, nice, and calm. What now?! Women cursed and enticed the men, turning them against one another, and children have become so stubborn! Suddenly one nation starts a war against us and then another! Different internal problems suddenly come up!

How can we make the switch from a peaceful normal state, while being only in slight adhesion with the Creator, and without knowing why, to suddenly want to overcome all these oppositions because it is the Creator’s command? We see how the transition to the future state is made difficult for us to begin with. We are told to get ready, for now you will begin to discover differences between you and life will seem terrible! You will not be able to unite! And by losing the unity between you, you will lose the connection with the Creator! In fact you are advancing towards the snake’s mouth, the one you escaped from when you escaped from Egypt.

Therefore, when we enter the land of Israel, we have to be prepared so that no interruption will stop us. We have to fight systematically, knowing that there is no way back and that we have to keep on advancing. We have to clearly understand this so that we will be able to succeed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/2/15

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