Long Way To The Temple, Part 9

Dr. Michael LaitmanDay of Sorrow Will Turn Into the Day of Joy

At some point of their history, the Jewish people revealed the upper system, but after the destruction of two Temples they lost this knowledge. The First Temple was obliterated several centuries BC; the Second Temple was destroyed in the beginning of our era.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, we should build new liaisons among us. This process is called the “construction of the Third Temple.”

If so, the worst periods of manifestation of the evil and selfishness will turn into the most benevolent times. The 9th of Av, the worst day of the year, will become the best and most wonderful day.

The evil that is revealed on this day in accordance with its internal spiritual root can be transformed into benevolence, thus turning a big minus into a huge plus. By doing so, we will trigger changes in the system of the upper governance throughout the entire world.

This explains why on the 9th of Av certain traditions of mourning must be observed to commemorate what happened to the Jews on this day. On the other hand, we have to relate to this day as conscious adults.

It really is a special time. Long time ago, when the people of Israel wandered in the dessert, on the 9th of Av the sons of Israel dug graves and stayed in them. If they died on this day, they were already in the grave, if they survived, they left the grave.

And yet this day can be transformed into the most benevolent one. This period of time was considered very negative because of the influence of the upper system. This is the time when turning the evil into the good is possible.

This explains why we shouldn’t cry on the 9th of Av. We continue mourning, but we do so only to make the transformation of a “dark” day into a “blessed” day possible. Eventually, the evil will transform into the good; the day of mourning will turn into the day of the biggest joy and a festivity of love.

Question: Why do so many tragic events in the history of the Jewish people happen on the 9th of Av?

Answer: Good and bad events are the result of the upper governance program that was explored by the first man, Adam, by Abraham, Moses, and other Kabbalists. Everything that ever happens is for the sake of bringing us to unity and to a stronger connection with the rest of the world.

Before anything else, unity has to be attained among the people of Israel. It is our direct responsibility. Other nations hate the Jews because they subconsciously feel that the Jews have the knowledge about the program of world unity and hold all the threads in their hands.

The Jews are able to connect with the internal system and balance the rest of the world by bringing the power of benevolence, bestowal, love, and unity into this realm. It is the people of Israel’s mission. It’s not an accident that anti-Semitism doesn’t disappear from the face of earth and continues growing. Only the Jewish people can bring the rest of the world to correction.

The nations of the world are incapable of doing this on their own.  It’s not their “fault” since they do not have the freedom of choice, nor can they select which way to go—good or bad. It’s useless to expect them to change. We can only obligate ourselves to reach the unity that our forefather Abraham wanted us to attain.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to reach it. This is why we created our organization. Our group grows, strengthens, and acts all over the globe. Everything we do is meant to avoid a terrible period that should never happen again; rather, bad times have to be transformed into benevolent and happy times.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/5/15

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