Long Way To The Temple, Part 8

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Entire World as a New Babylon

The Jews transferred their knowledge to the nations of the world. In return, they obtained other nations’ desires, needs, and thoughts—special forms of egoism that the Jews didn’t possess originally. As a result, the Jewish people descended even more.

The nations of the world represent the Babylonians who didn’t join Abraham in his spiritual elevation. Because the Jews were spread among the nations of the world for thousands of years, they acquired other peoples’ naturally developed egoism that they originally lacked.

Today, everybody possesses huge egoism. The knowledge that the people of Israel transferred to the nations of the world helped them develop, so they now depend on the Jewish people, forcing Israel to fulfill its mission.

The nations of the world constantly announce that the reason for all the world problems are the Jews, even though the latter comprise less than one percent of the world’s population. The Jews are, however, spread throughout the world and occupy key positions in industry, science, banking, with many Jews among Nobel Prize winners.

The Jews have a wide-range impact, but in the opinion of anti-Semites, their influence is harmful. What can be done? At this point, The Book of Zohar, which was written at the beginning of the last exile 2000 years ago helps us understand by explaining that the Jews must unite.

Now is the time to reach unity because the entire world has now reached the state of ancient Babylon when everybody was connected and interconnected. The Jews have brought humanity to interdependency by implementing the methodology of unity in industry, culture, education, banking, etc.

So, the idea of mutual connection descended to this world through the Jews who received it from the upper force, the force of connection, which was transferred to them from Abraham. If not for this continuity, it would never have happened. The force existed in ancient Babylon in its most natural and original state. However, as society continued to advance, the force kept vanishing, leaving humanity fragmented and detached.

People were glad to separate from others no matter whether they were in a forest or a desert. As they strived to detach from their neighbors, a state of unity was possible only due to the Jews who managed to develop industry, culture, and education.

This explains why today the Jews are the ones who must present a new methodology of unity to the world. In ancient Babylon, Abraham failed to attract the majority of Babylonians to his methodology, whereas today, it is our obligation to attain this state. Today, the Jews are actually in debt to the world, and so they must reach out and succeed in their efforts to transfer the methodology of connection to the world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/0515

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  1. Arent you putting to much pressure on jews? Also is it really possible that abraham failed?

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