The Era Of Israel Begins

laitman_547_06Opinion (Interview with Dr Guy Bechor, source article): “The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones, rather it was because new technologies appeared and humans learned to work with metals. The age of oil is reaching its end in these days, and this is not because we have run out of oil, but because the gas revolution is happening.

“The lowering of the price of oil has led to a severe crisis in Russia and all over the Arab world, the shale spring will bring a collapse of the rest of the Arab world. The Arab nations will fall, powerful tribes will hold onto weaponry and will begin conquering cities and towns, killing and robbing. The economy of Dubai will collapse in the year 2015, Jordan will disappear within a year and for Iran we expect serious upheavals on an ethnic and political background. Hamas and Hezbollah will lose their power and influence. In a world in which there will be no lack of energy resources, there will be no money to maintain them. That is how the era of technology begins, something that will give strong advantages to Israel.

“The gas revolution will transform the United States into the greatest manufacturer of the production of oil and gas, something that leaves Middle Eastern policy in their hands. This is the beginning of the end of paradise for the valueless oil principalities, the feudal totalitarianism of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, the economy of these nations was entirely based upon the price of oil. The citizens of these nations don’t work; all of the work for them is done by foreign workers. A structure like this will not maintain its position in a period of economic upheavals. And even though the principalities of the Arabian Peninsula will be supplied with sufficient money to hold onto their position for another few years, it is doubtful if within these few years they will be able to change and rebuild their economy. The moment that the money runs out, riots and unrest will begin.

“In another year or two the United States will be ready to export gas and oil, the Arab nations will become an energy source for competitors. The geopolitical priorities of the United States will change. So the Saudis are presently found in a panic, because their foreign policy was based on American dependence on their oil. They will relinquish their financing of global terrorism, the violation of human rights and the absolute lack of democracy in their nations. A few years ago a barrel of oil rose to 150 dollars; since then the prices have lowered by two-thirds. At a price above 40 dollars per barrel, the production of energy from gas becomes more profitable. This means that the Saudis can return to their previous position only if they lower the price to 30 dollars per barrel.

“Russia is also experiencing a strong crisis because of this revolution. But the chance of changing and rebuilding the Russian economy are better than they are for our Arab neighbors, who have simply forgotten what it is to earn a living. The period of innovations, nano-technologies and high-tech has arrived, the beginning of the era of Israel; whether our neighbors like it or not.”

My Comment: In the meantime, Israel will arouse a much greater instability in the world than all of the other peoples and nations in the world together. As the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, this is happening precisely because the destiny of Israel is not the victory over our neighbors with innovations, nano-technologies, and high-tech, it is in demonstrating to the world the idea, theory, and practice of the union of everyone above the global ego. This method doesn’t exist for anyone except the people of Israel, and specifically this is what is required for the world, and not new technology, enrichment, and control. Specifically, if Israel will provide the gift of the technology of connection and union to the world, then it and the world will continue to exist!

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