The Jewish Organizations In The United States Are Useless

400Opinion (Daniel Greenfield): “After the Iran deal, American Jews turned to…the liberal Jewish organizations to whom they had written out so many checks over the years expecting them to do something about it.

  • “(…)American Jews are baffled to realize that the organizations they expected to help them are…worthless.
  • “(…)American Jewish liberalism is based on a comforting myth that in times of crisis, its organizations step up to the challenge, rescuing Jews from the Holocaust, saving Soviet Jewry and fighting for Israel.
  • “(…)Expecting it to do any more about Iran than be ‘deeply concerned’ is a formula for disappointment.”

My Comment: They are leaving Israel to its fate, and more than that, they have given up on Israel by voting against its existence. The American Jews have removed themselves from the community called the Jewish people. This “Prodigal Son,” or more precisely what remains of it, will return in the future with a request to accept it again. And in the meantime, the Israeli Jews have an obligation to carry out their role, to attain unity above their egoism, towards being “one people,” and in this way provide an example for the whole world, becoming one!

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