There Is No Jewish Lobby

400In the News ( “The times when the Jewish community in the US was Israel’s supportive shield are gone. From now on,  they side with ‘liberal values,’ which are in contrast to the existence of the Jewish state.

“The voice of the American Jewry was unheard during the heated debate about the agreement with Iran. They voted for Obama, who is the embodiment of the liberal ideology and the positive outlook, twice. The Jewish organizations are at the forefront of Obama’s lawyers, and are involved in everything regarding the ‘peace process.’ Some of them do not settle for simply supporting him but also support the New Israel Foundation that subsidizes dozens of ‘human rights’ organizations that engage in defaming the IDF and Israel.

“They argue that Israel shouldn’t object to the agreement with Iran, so as not to subject the American Jews to accusations of double loyalty. The leader of the American Jewish community, Rav Steven Wiess held the same position during WWII, when he didn’t want to bother president Roosevelt with complaints about the sufferings of the Jews in Europe!

“Although the left wing sector, J Street, presents itself as the protector of the Israeli interests, it always sides with the Palestinians thus demanding Obama to put pressure on Israel. The founder of J. Street, Daniel Levi, called the foundation of Israel ‘a step after which everything began to go wrong,’ while at the same time J. Street supports anti Israeli activity on campuses.

“It is hard to believe, but it is actually people who have an Israeli nationality who are behind the crusades against Israel. The dispute in the Jewish community is already spreading among those who argue for a compromise and those who negate the right of Israel to exist. Young Jewish people on campuses are poisoned by the atmosphere of hate towards Israel, just like their peers. It is all because Israel today is challenging the liberal values of American Jews.

“The American publicist Jonathan Rosenblum wrote that for most American Jews Israel has become a hazard and a liability that stands in their way of living peacefully and they would be glad to get rid of it. He says that if the American Jews woke up one day and discovered that Israel has disappeared from the world map they would feel great relief and satisfaction.”

My Comment: I believe that the American Jews want to bury their heads in the sand, but as we have already seen in the past, we will be beaten indiscriminately, regardless of any opinions one might have. Only unity and connection can save our nation and the world.

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