“Obama’s Jewish Advisers Are The Problem”

laitman_571_08 In the News (Israel HaYom [Israel Today])“In the run-up to the March 17 election, Channel 2 was issued an emergency ‘call-up notice’ to join the campaign to oust the Right. Judging from Monday’s broadcast, Channel 2 has yet to get over the election results. It appears bent on casting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a negative light, while making it look as if he has picked a fight with Obama at the expense of Israel’s future and security. That is false, grotesque, fabricated and biased. The channel is just trying to manipulate the public.

Israelis understand very well that as soon as Obama set foot in the White House, he reached out to Muslims, at the expense of Israel, and that he has continued to do so throughout his presidency, while trying to forge a dangerous agreement with Iran, once again, at Israel’s expense. Obama is no anti-Semite or anti-Israeli; the main problem is with his court Jews, who tell him the Israeli Right is dangerous because it will not buckle under pressure, and it would be better to have a Left-run government that would operate according to the instructions of heroes such as media mogul Haim Saban and former President Shimon Peres. 

“Throughout the Diaspora years, there were Jews known as ‘court Jews.’ Kings, counts and others recruited these Jews to use them as their agents, helping them with financial matters and more than once as secret messengers on diplomatic missions. The court Jews would be loyal servants to their patrons, and professionals at currying favor with those in power. Because there was always a suspicion of dual loyalties — to the Jewish community and to their masters — the court Jews always had to prove their allegiance to their boss. After all, his wish was their command. 

“In the modern era, the term ‘court Jews’ has been replaced by the term ‘advisers.’ Obama is surrounded by Jewish advisers. You can find them in the White House, the State Department, the media, in various NGOs and in various embassies. All of them have one thing in common: a liberal, left-wing worldview. Naturally, their loyalty rests with the United States. You can’t blame them for that. After all, their salaries, their stature and their honor all derive from U.S. taxpayers.

“These misguided individuals believe that Israelis are too primitive to think for themselves, that they are so underdeveloped that they cannot possibly know what is in their best interest. Like many others throughout history, these advisers want to save the Jews from themselves, but ignore one underlying fact: The many Jews who have decided to reside in Israel are extraordinary smart, and they are unwilling to buy the damaged goods Obama’s advisers have to offer (notwithstanding the Israeli Left’s sales pitch). Jews have returned home from the Diaspora mainly because they wanted to put an end to a long history of others making choices on their behalf. 

“The Obama advisers are mainly concerned about their employer’s legacy. In the waning years of his presidency, it has become clear that he is one of the weakest presidents in the modern era. Under his watch, the U.S. has become a paper tiger aimlessly roaming the wilderness. The most powerful nation in the history of humankind now stands helpless. It has lost its resolve to take on fanatic terrorists who drive pick-up trucks fitted with machine guns. The Middle East has spiraled out of control; Europe has been unable to counter the spread of Islam; Ukraine is ablaze; but Obama? Well, he has been overly concerned with the oppressed Palestinians, going out of his way to show his compassion.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not been conducive to Obama’s legacy. He has stood his ground, justifiably, like David facing Goliath. He has sounded the alarm everywhere, warning against the danger of a nuclear terrorist state. Any levelheaded individual listening to the voices in Tehran would have concluded long ago that the regime will never open its nuclear sites for inspection.  …”

My Comment: I think that we have the most useful weapon in the world that no other nation has: our unity. If we unite—it is not just in history (the Maccabees, etc.)—we are invincible because we have a higher power. Unity depends only on us. Let’s use it against our enemies!

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