Going Beyond The Limits Of Time

Laitman_197_01Time is an internal, personal, psychological, selfish option when I measure time as the difference between the time when I want something to aspire to something and when I realize that desire. I feel that time is always a lack of contentment.

If I were to receive what I wanted immediately, as soon as I wanted it—if the desire had been realized at once—I would not feel time. This is called being above time. For example, if receiving the desired happened with infinite speed, time approaches zero.

Our entire nature exists below the speed of light, and all the processes are rate limited. Because of this, we have time. After all, time, speed, and distance are related.

Theoretically, if we were to receive that which is desired at once, we would not sense time.

When I reach a state in which time would equal to zero—that is, if speed were infinite and the distance were reduced to zero—would space turn into a point? When can I perform an action, and immediately perform it, at the same moment, as soon as I wish? This is possible only in the act of bestowal, which depends on me.

If we moved away from the current connection between us in which each person receives from the other, to such communications when each person bestows upon the other and can bestow—he has something to give and the other desires to receive from him—then we would not feel time in the least.

Time is a habit. It is a purely psychological parameter, and this is talking scientifically.

In essence, what do we need if we are talking about real life implementation, about the correct management of time that is given to us? We need to know how to achieve the action of pure bestowal by which we rise to the level where we exist outside of time, space, and motion.

Indeed, if time equals zero, there is no motion and no space. Everything is located in the same place, at that point. We can reach this state if we change our attitude from reception to bestowal.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/15

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