Ascending Above Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person truly fulfills himself when he acquires a new life of bestowal and giving and when he discovers that the force that fills the world is the force of love and bestowal.

Many elderly people discover this at the end of their life, and regret the fact that they cannot identify with this force.

Therefore we have to teach people that a new eternal life is real. Thus, even at a young age, a person will know what to expect and how to make use of time. The right fulfillment of time is necessary in order to bring yourself to a level of existence above time. Time is actually given to us so that we can ascend above it.

This is attained by serving society correctly when a person helps society and society helps him and then the two, man and the society, raise themselves above time.

We must understand that we feel time in our corporeal body, while outside the body, time doesn’t exist. A person has a very subjective inner perception of time since we measure time according to how our body operates: the frequency of our breathing, our heartbeat, and our metabolism, which means according to the life of our corporeal body.

If I detach myself from my physiological body, I can raise myself to another time axis. I no longer perceive the passage of time, but the number of actions that I can perform each time I am in that axis. Then, I am totally independent of time.

It is hard to imagine, but this dimension does exist. Even Einstein said that time is relative. We can say much about time, such as when it ends, when it changes, and how we can stretch or compress it.

Our psychological time totally depends on our corporeal body. If we want to ascend out of this body to the next level, to our spiritual level, to our consciousness, we can detach ourselves from the time of our body.

The body will continue to live, but we will acquire an additional perception of absorbing and extracting, and in the entrances and exits of this system, we will begin to feel life in terms of time that is measured only according to actions of bestowal and receiving and not according to the clock or the orbit of the earth or other celestial objects in space. This has nothing to do with our lives since we are much more complex and sublime than these orbits and cycles that measure time and life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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