So Time Doesn’t Slip Through Your Fingers

laitman_423_02Question: In our time, most people feel that time seemingly slips through their fingers. We deal with urgent, pressing matters, and the most important we leave for later. How can we use time to realize every minute optimally? Is there a concept of a “waste of time”?

Answer: Of course! But everything is relative. Humanity has been evolving throughout history for many thousands of years. The question is: Can I grow faster than my generation, accelerate time as if I jump over decades? If not, then can I successfully realize time in my generation?

I live in the time period in which I was born. Can I use this time most effectively? And what does it mean “most effectively”?

Suppose, I can fill my life by satisfying the basic desires—for food, sex, family, wealth, fame, and knowledge—inherent in every person in a certain combination, depending on what importance he attaches to each of them. This combination of six desires, defining the purpose in life, makes us different from each other.

But if we talk about the realization of my general desire in which, for example, 10% of the desire is for food, 20% – for sex, 10% – for family, 20% – for wealth, 40% – for power and knowledge, the question arises whether I stay in the same desires I was born with? We see we don’t. My aspirations depend on the society I am in, on the measure of its influence on me.

I can use my properties, inclinations, and desires according to the environment. That is, the environment influences the way in which I will use all my inclinations to achieve pleasure. Indeed, the desires for food, sex, family, wealth, honor, and knowledge are the sources of pleasure with which I want to fulfill myself. In essence, I am the desire to enjoy.

The question is how the society I exist in affects me. The surroundings can suddenly increase my desire for science, power, or money and food, sex, and the family will lose their former importance to me, and I will use them only in order to achieve fame or power. And it may happen the opposite way.

It depends how a person realizes himself in society. Although his natural inclinations are very important and over time they still direct a person to a certain niche, peculiar to him.

But there is always a struggle between the individual and society. The individual wants to realize himself as much as possible with the help of society, and the society wants to absorb the identity and use it for its own benefit as much as possible and not take into account the personalities at all. After all, the person does not have intrinsic value to society; it only matters how they are integrated in it.

If I want to manage my time, I should be developed as much as possible both in personal and social terms because only in connection between them or on their border will I find my optimal self-realization.

After all, I should feel where society is heading, what its goal is, where I am directed according to my natural inclinations, what the goal would be if I could change the entire world for my own benefit, what could be in the connection between me and society, and how I realize myself with the help of society, in which I exists.

This means that I am going to manage the time of my life, to realize it in the most effective manner.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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