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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Among the Jewish and Arab citizens of the nation, complex relationships have been created. We are destined to live together in one nation, even though we didn’t choose this. The Arabs are around 20% of the population of Israel. Among them, 83% are Muslims, mostly Sunni. We have equal rights and responsibilities, but there are two sides to every coin. On the one hand, many of the Arab citizens want to live in peace with us. There are cities in which Jews and Arabs have been in good neighborly relationships for decades, for example in Acre and Jaffa.

And on the other hand, this sector has become a source of violence in the latest disturbances.

We have lived together side by side for so many years, and even today, we have not learned how to get along with each other! The latest developments are frightening, disappointing, and arouse distrust between us. What can you say about the system of relationships between the Jewish and Arab sectors in Israel?

Answer: I suppose that going deeper into the daily human psychological and social levels will ultimately confuse people. In fact, it is up to us to do only one thing in relation to the Arabs of Israel. We must show them how Jews connect among ourselves and how we can accept them among us so that they will also connect with us. It is not necessary to do anything else.

In general, the Arab people, like every nation, have a unique role. First of all, historically they are our cousins. In the Jewish view, their religion is not idolatry, since they don’t bow down to any statue or image.

We have a very similar world view from a psychological and philosophical aspect. Throughout history we were in contact with each other and in particular periods, there were good relationships between us. But this didn’t depend on them or us, rather on the general process through which we had to pass throughout history. In other words, there is no room for praise or blame here.

So I ignore the traditional studies that investigate the mentality of peoples, the uniqueness, the characteristics, and their natural lines. Now the time has come for a change in the level of humanity in all nations, so what is the reason for going deeper into everyday relationships? They can change in a moment if we activate the basic general and natural forces.

Scientists and analysts are building sand castles that disappear in a moment. They have no benefit other than the flow of publications in scientific literature and newspaper articles.

I am simplifying this to a certain degree, but it is up to us to think globally. Even though the global picture in which we are heading towards the completion of correction changes all the time, specifically the lawfulness on this level that influences the essence of life and the connection between us. And this is what we must work on.

So I say: “Come, let’s begin to connect among us.” And on the way, we will begin to attract the Israeli Arabs towards us. Even though we have not yet reached connection ourselves, it is possible to check how we are doing this. It is necessary to learn about the system of connection between us, no longer on an intellectual level, but according to the corrected form.

In spite of it all, we must advance in this direction, so this will be constructive and substantive research that will help us to understand the situation more, to identify the natural forces at work in us, to learn to activate them, to identify with them, and to walk along this path.

On the other hand, what is the reason to chew on the relationships between us and our neighbors again and again like the institutions that are involved with this? Even though they provide us with precise and accurate data, the situation doesn’t change. Why should I get information with which I can do nothing?

Suppose that we get a full and complete report about a situation, including facts and detailed statistical calculations. What do we do with this? It is impossible for us to sink into a routine; on the contrary, we must change it. We don’t require statistics from the past but information on how to activate the forces of connection, how to create and increase power among the people of Israel, and with their help, connect all of humanity into one, beginning with our closest neighbors. As of today, we don’t have this power because we still haven’t created it among the people. And that is specifically what we need.

For Israel is Li Rosh (the head, the mind). We lack the head. The body is ready and it is screaming, crying with the unrest, the disturbances, anti-Semitic acts, and blaming us for inaction because we are not leading it in the good way, nor taking upon ourselves the role of the head to bring it to a safe haven.

So what remains for us to think about? After all, we are in a serious delay.

Therefore, it is worthwhile for us to give shape to the head, which is the unique mechanism in which all of us will connect together. And the moment that we connect, the people will understand why we are doing this and what kind of work we are doing to connect with one another.

So the people of Israel, at least the Jews living in Israel, must find and build the connection between them. We have a method, and we know from the wisdom of Kabbalah what we must reach. All that remains is to realize the goal and then the relationships between us and our neighbors and the nations of the world will settle down. Beyond this, they will come to help us. It is because this is talking about the head that brings the entire body to the good.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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