Who Is To Blame For The Arab Turmoil?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, Israeli Arabs to some extent feel that they are second-class citizens. How exactly does the union among all Jewish citizens of Israel and the correct relationships between them help the Arabs get rid of the sensation of being harassed?

Answer: At the end of the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”, Baal HaSulam writes that if the people of Israel correctly unite on the basis of mutual guarantee, in accordance with “do not do to others what you hate for yourself,” and “love thy neighbor as thyself,” then the force of unity will overflow from them as water from a full vessel and will spread to all the nations of the world. They will feel where the force of perfection comes from and will join the people of Israel.

We have to understand that it is about the only feasible influence of one part of the system upon the other and the impact of the people of Israel upon the nations of the world as a result of which they will stop considering themselves as “second-class” nations.

Every nation has certain needs and desires. We see people’s actions, but their feelings are much more important.

Many people want to be as Einstein, but I do not. I am not fascinated by him. However, I want to be as strong as my neighbor and not a titan of thought or power.

It’s not about internal sensations, nor whether or not other nations will be jealous of the fact that we have a special task in this world. No, they won’t. Will Arabs continue feeling that they are disadvantaged? Not any longer.

Today, they feel discriminated against because they don’t receive from us what they are supposed to. By blaming us for all their troubles, they in essence confirm that they depend on us, since we are entitled to do things which they are incapable of. However, we don’t play our role, and  thus we rob the world of benevolence.

All nations reproach us for the same reasons. Will we really be so surprised when a United Nations Organization Assembly comes to a consensus that Israel is guilty of all world problems, is a source of numerous international disasters, and has no more right to exist? In their eyes, the state of Israel is a wound that poisons the existence of the whole of humanity.

Our enemies feel the same way when they oppose our having weapons, such as machine guns, knives, and other armaments. In their minds, there is no other way out except to fight us. They think we have to be murdered and that only then, will all disasters stop.

At the same time, they don’t know that their whole future depends on us. They are not aware that we are the ones who can guarantee successful prospects to them. Nobody teaches them these things; we never convey this information to them since we are not aware of it ourselves.

So, we have to correct ourselves.

Let me reiterate. The nations of the world will consent to our actions when we start taking care of the general process of world correction. They will immediately agree to this fact.

Let’s fantasize that if today the Jews of Israel launch a good, benevolent connection among us, all disasters will immediately disappear. By connecting, we’ll involve the general system of humanity and will neutralize the evil forces inside it.

Then, those who are currently planning to run over innocent people at bus-stops will suddenly feel that everything is just fine with them, that something has changed, that they feel benevolence, and that good forces are acting within society.

Accordingly, they would suddenly feel a desire to make friends with the Jews: it happens that it is quite possible to have peaceful interactions with those people. Besides, aren’t we cousins? Why can’t we get along with them?

Question: From where will potential terrorists receive these thoughts?

Answer: The new approach will come from the same source from which an idea to murder the Jews showed up. It will emerge because of the overall unbalance in the world that we (the Jews) cause in the general system. The people of Israel don’t synchronize the two opposite forces, the plus and the minus. However, this nation is the only one that is capable of achieving stability.

To begin with, all Jews have to unite with each other until they become friends as it is stated in the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Then, the intensity of our unity will overflow, just as water spills out of an overly full vessel. They will accept this fact naturally and won’t feel that they are second class citizens any longer. In a wholesome, perfect, healthy system, it’s not possible to have more or less important or more or less dignified parts. An ankle cell is equal to a brain cell.

Question: So, how will this appeal penetrate the hearts of those who are ready to commit acts of terrorism?

Answer: All humanity is interconnected through their hearts, and thus, we are united with each other. That’s why there is nothing we need except unity. We won’t even have to explain this idea to them. The same system that now demonstrates that we are the ones who bring the evil to others will also serve the purpose and convey the sensation that we have started bringing them benevolence instead of evil.

These impulses cannot be stopped. They are the ones that influence humans and not the other way around, since these impulses flow from the head to the body.

Let’s turn into a unity named Israel (ישראל), meaning the head for me (Li Rosh – לי ראש), directly to the Upper (Yashar-El). This means directly to perfection in which we have to live together with the rest of humanity and the entire reality, as the whole universe in unity with the Creator, the general upper force.

Let’s exert ourselves to achieve this state. Then, the entire world will follow us. As soon as we begin acting as a head, the rest of the world will support us.

Stop blaming others. The Torah and other Kabbalistic books and all original sources state that we are the only ones who have the ability to really make changes. Only we are entitled to translate the overall human development from the bad path to the good one.

In the end, this is what we actually are obligated to do. This is something the nations of the world are expecting from us. Let’s fulfill our duty.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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