We Have Branded You, And We’ll Help You

Laitman_079_02Question: How could a sense of discrimination, disadvantage, which nations experience in connection with the Jews, be dealt with?

Answer: If we, the Jewish people, begin to unite for the benefit of the world, none of them will feel slighted.

It is said in the Prophets that the nations of the world would carry the sons of Israel on their shoulders and take them to the Temple, i.e., to the ideal state. How can we understand this? Are we going to sit proudly on someone’s shoulders?

Of course not. We are talking about a special partnership. The essence is that only they are able to give us strength, and we have to give them a purpose. We ourselves, in terms of the wisdom of Kabbalah, are a vessel of bestowal, Galgalta ve Eynaim, and are lacking strength. The people of Israel are small and weak. However, it has the idea, message, vision of the goal, in other words, the properties of the head, the force of the discerning mind, but not the implementation. To implement the body: arms, legs, muscles, etc. are required.

This is the “division of labor” between the people of Israel and the nations of the world. These two parts cannot function without each other, and the head really should be on the shoulders. Receiving commands from the head, the body goes towards the correct goal, to the Temple, and carries the head.

Thus, there are no “white-collar” and “laborers,” but there is one whole, two parts, working together, each in its place. As we know, in the integral system, in a single body with interconnected pieces, all the cells are equally important, no matter where they are located.

After all, perfection cannot be flawed one iota, and thus, any piece, any fragment, plays a crucial role; and the final result is shown only in community, rather than individually.

Only during the correction, the elements vary according to the importance with respect to the current moment; however, having completed an integral system, everyone becomes equal. Thus, no one feels slighted.

We can bring an example of several of our friends from different countries, who once were members of anti-Semitic organizations, but now adhere to us.

In other words, everything depends on us. In all the claims and slanders, the same message is “hidden:” “The Jewish people are guilty of what is happening!” In fact, they urge us to restore order.

This is the way their collective force from the level of integral perfection makes them act, so that they pressure us from all sides, all the way to the end. There is nothing superfluous; everything is calculated within the system. And if we properly respond to the attacks, then, first of all, we will immediately turn accusers into helpers.

For example, no matter how ardent an anti-Semite Henry Ford was, at the same time, he wrote that Israel had to lead the world towards perfection. He was aware of the potential inherent in us. The greatest anti-Semites understood our purpose, which we are not really conscious of.

Once we get to work, with all our heart strive for perfection in order to give it to the nations of the world, their attitude will change. Moreover, precisely their perfection will bring the general system to the final correction.

Therefore, we will immediately feel their support. Suddenly, it will turn out that they are dedicated to us with their heart and soul, to the extent that we ourselves are not able to. In fact, it is the “head,” the mind, that prevents us, which constantly identifies and clarifies new paths for the system. On the contrary, they will cling to us strongly, based on “feeling.”

It turns out that the real work we need to do is not among Israeli Arabs, but in our own environment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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