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laitman_423_01Question: A sensation of pain is built in the very foundation of the creation. Why are many natural processes such as birth and growth accompanied by pain?

Answer: Giving birth to any state is always painful caused by the fact that the previous state brings us tremendous affliction. This is called birth pangs if we are talking about natural childbirth.

So, pain leads us from one state to another. This rule applies to all phenomenon: from volcanic eruptions, which is also a “birth,” to our spiritual birth.

Question: Why do we, rational creatures, strive to get rid of pain if we understand that the mechanism of affliction is beneficial for us?

Answer: Animals instinctively treat pain correctly. If it gets unbearable to the extent it causes their death, they die. When our ego overgrew the animate level, we started developing various methods of fighting pain. We are egoists; we don’t care about tomorrow.

Moreover, our egoism is corrupt, it is individual, personal. Therefore we don’t want to alter the origin of pain. We feel pain as a result of the fracturing of one of the body parts. Because organs not getting life sustenance from other tissues or delivering what he produces to the rest of the body, there is pain, problems, and afflictions.

The problem is not just having a desire to receive pleasure, but the fact that this desire is purely egoistic. We think only about ourselves and don’t take into consideration others. The pain that we experience comes to us from afar, from very high mental, spiritual, external systems that have a tremendous impact upon us. All of a sudden, in the countries that reached a state of ultimate abundance, people get depressed or feel powerless. Why does it happen? It is because the general system presses on us without exceptions.

Question: How do you see pain in human history? Where does it lead humanity?

Answer: Before the 20th century, each one of us progressed individually, personally, separately. People felt pain in their bodies and never related it to the rest of the world, nor did they associate it with spiritual advancement. This is the way humanity went through the phases of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of the human degree.

In the 20th century, the speaking degree of the human level was revealed: a totally integral system. We began connecting with each other and suddenly discovered that we all are intertwined with the entire world. Previously, humans lived in small villages and had no clue about the big outside world. They didn’t suspect that there is life beyond the boundaries of their village. Today, everybody knows what happens in any place on the globe, even Africans and South Americans. When I spoke with American Indians, I was quite surprised that they talk as if they come from Wall Street.

Now it is fashionable to talk about the wisdom of the crowd. Previously this phenomenon didn’t exist. It’s not that it hadn’t been discovered yet. No! It really didn’t exist because humans were not connected with each other to the extent they are now. Previously, nervous illnesses were spread only in high societies, whereas today depression, fears, and worries about the future, about the connectedness with the rest of the world is felt by all.

In other words, the pain of each individual is now multiplied whether we want it or not. Each one of us depends on everyone else and therefore must take care of others and make them feel better. Otherwise, we’ll be the ones who feel bad. Nature pushes us to unite.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/9/14

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