Regarding Terror, Rising Prices And The Unification Of Society, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt would seem that the cost of living is not a subject that grabs the heart and compels it to beat strongly. But in fact, for some this could even be more meaningful that an intifada.

If I wake up every morning and am tormented with the thought of what to feed my little children, how to finish the month without a deficit, without new debts and additional bank loans, then this becomes a subject of great concern.

Essentially, the blame does not lie with the bank nor the company that makes children’s yogurt and who inflates the price. Not one of them is guilty. For they are all acting according to their egoistic nature. But if we want to influence them by convincing them to make the price of food for children four times lower according to the basic price of such products and they will still be left with a large profit, it is necessary to change the foundation of their thinking.

It is possible to do this through the influence of the environment; so come, let’s change our environment! And this is not through shouting, protests, and demonstrations; rather, it is done through connection and unity between us.

With the help of the force of our unity, we will influence the makers of children’s yogurt in such a way that they themselves will want to lower the price. And the same thing goes for the price of apartments and everything else. Let’s fix everything through the connection between us.

Question: Why would a company suddenly want to lower the price?

Answer: Because society will influence it through its singular opinion.

Question: Why wasn’t this successful before when we got together in a general protest?

Answer: This didn’t work because before we wanted to crush the companies and didn’t seek general unity. This is not the same force that acts within the system of nature. If we were to want to unite and achieve good relationships in society, then we would influence everyone.

Certainly this wouldn’t happen immediately, for this is not aimed precisely towards the goal of creation, but even so, we would see benefit. If we just try to annihilate someone, then there is no constructive message in this and we will never succeed in this way.

We don’t unite to go out together against someone, but rather for the sake of unity itself; that will help lower the cost of living. Unity is the means for correcting the situation.

And there was no unity in the general protests. The demonstrators wanted to break the companies. Whereas, through the unity of society, we want to bring it to such a good state that the prices will go down by themselves. This is the difference between all the previous protests and revolutions. This is unity not against someone, but rather for the sake of the positive force.

Everyone clearly sees that if society were good and corrected, this would influence even its most wealthy members. This is because they are also human and are found among the people. All of our thoughts in the world are connected and influence each other, and people influence each other without even uttering a word simply by way of the atmosphere. We are all found in a single field of thought and desire.

Question: What must that woman do who doesn’t have enough money until the next paycheck and doesn’t have anything to feed her children?

Answer: She must understand that only through connection and unity can she influence the entire society and herself. We always think that if we can change someone’s opinion only if we grab him and convince him. In fact, it is possible to influence him only if we create a large force in society that will begin to think as we do, and then this thought will penetrate into him.

Come, let’s do this, so that our society will begin to think about good changes, about balance in society and about warm relationships. And as a result of this, the prices will decrease. If our society were to become one big family in which everyone thinks about balance, connection, unity, and equality, then our thought will begin to act and be influential on all levels and all sectors of the population.

And then this will begin to work. This is because readiness in mind and heart will appear in everyone, making everything more balanced, social, and shared, as in a single commune. From this, all systems will become balanced. The gap between the rich and the poor will be greatly reduced, from thousands of fold to only a hundred fold. That is how it works; everything becomes regulated in this way.
From a talk 4/13/14

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