Regarding Terror, Rising Prices And The Unification Of Society, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The state of the world today arouses much concern: international terror, the uncontrolled growth of extremist terrorist groups like ISIS, the threat of the war of Gog and Magog that was described by the prophets. And in Israel a new intifada has arisen, the economy and the social situation are deteriorating. What can you say about this?

Answer: The situation doesn’t need to be explained. Even so, everyone feels and sees what is happening: intifadas, anti-Semitism, economic problems, the cost of living. These problems have become our daily reality and don’t come down from the daily agenda but only trade places; sometimes this problem pops up above all and sometimes another problem.

And it is necessary to understand that we, the people of Israel, create this picture in ourselves and its transformation from good to awesome depends only upon us.

From my point of view, the most important issue of our time is the growth of anti-Semitism in the world.

This is even more important than the economic problems and even the problems of security within Israel. But the Israelis don’t ascribe significance to anti-Semitism in the world and don’t pay attention to this.

Through closeness between us, among the people of Israel, we can change and transform the general situation throughout the world, even the relationships with the Arab neighbors that surround us and also with the Arab citizens within Israel. All of this depends on us and we can change the situation. The choice between the good way and the bad way is in our hands.

The ball is in our court; we are responsible for peace in the nation and peace in the world, for all the evil and all the good that is found in it. And we have nobody to blame because we ourselves measure the goodness or badness of our common destiny according to the degree of our unity or separation. And the standard is determined only by whether or not we can correspond to the general global nature.

Only we are ready to bring ourselves and after us the entirety of humanity to general harmony. So there is no need to hope that the changes will come from some other people or from UN resolutions. Everything depends only on us; we determine what decision they will get. This is because Israel is the head of humanity.

Understandably, each one can say that he doesn’t agree with this and doesn’t accept it. But together with this, he has no choice, and neither do we. If the world is in crisis, we are to blame; we brought it to this state.

The main thing is to understand the same principle: the solution to all problems is found in unity and connection, even in the struggle with the intifada and in the rise in prices. If we connect, then we can influence the forces of nature, balance our society, attain greater equality, and then lower prices. But this is beginning to be understood even if we aren’t making such a big circle and are not going in the way of the higher system.

It is simply necessary to imagine that if we connect, we will want to approach a bit, equalize with each other, and will succeed in finding a way to lower the prices. In other words, it is possible to conclude this from simple logical deduction.

If we use our method of discussions a circle, then thanks to this patent, this exercise, it is possible to bring people closer to one another; and then each one can give up a little to others and reduce the inequality a bit.

That is how we arouse the good force in society, melting every heart. The main thing is that a person must understand that connection and unity influence our lives and act for the good of our pocket, health, education, the education of our children, and everything else; and this comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From a talk 4/13/14

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