Two Properties That Generate Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery man shall fear his mother and his father [Honor thy father and thy mother]… the Torah, “Leviticus,” 19: 3.

In the spiritual correction it is necessary to properly use the properties of a mother and a father, reception and bestowal, which must be balanced with each other. Reception comes from a mother while bestowal comes from a father, and together they work on a person’s soul.

Each of us has to place and combine both properties internally, so then when they are mixed, they work correctly; otherwise, without them we can’t connect to anyone.

Properties of reception and bestowal, i.e., male and female parts, work together as a plug and a socket where one part goes into another and vice versa. According to a simple analogy, light appears only when a plug goes into a socket. That is, we must always work as follows: I have to receive, the other person has to give, and vice versa. This happens to everyone without exception.

Question: Why is it written: “Fear your mother and fear your father?”

Answer: In order to develop a property of reception in order to bestow, one should always feel if you another chance to do it and do you pass it up. This state is called “fear.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/26/14

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