Long Way To The Temple, Part 7

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Barbarity to a Civilized (Enlightened) World

During their thousands of years of exile, the people of Israel suffered from the destruction of the First and Second Temples, reached the state of a complete shattering, and lost even the slightest memory about the common system that united them.

Starting with Adam, the first man, the Jewish people realized how the system worked. At the time of Abraham, they persistently studied the structure of unity, and at the time of Moses, they even managed to implement it among them.

This state of affairs lasted until the destruction of the Second Temple, until the time of Rabbi Akiva, at which time everything collapsed. The downfall had a great impact on the advancement of all of humanity.

On one hand, the Jews spread around the world. This process allowed them to contribute their form of development to other countries, affecting the development of religion, thought, belief, philosophy, science, and medicine.

The knowledge was transferred through the ancient Greeks and Romans, through philosophers throughout history. The Jews founded a system of commerce and industry in Europe and built the base for modern trade and manufacturing.

The system they created was integral, and in spite of the Jews being scattered around the world, they spoke one language and understood each other well. So they were able to build connections with other. These events took place about 1500 years ago, and were possible only due to the special state in which the Jewish people had attained.

A Jew could travel from Italy to Holland and speak with local Jews without any problem, attend a synagogue and make trade deals. And vice versa, Jews from Holland traveled to Italy or other countries and did the same thing. In the fragmented world where countries were isolated, Jews served as a link of connection.  

The Jews were a united by common culture, education, language, and Kashrut (religious dietary laws.). When a Jew came to another country, he could eat only in local Jewish homes, never anywhere else. This tradition also strongly promoted inter-Jewish connections since travelers attended local synagogues. This type of conduct stimulated the growth of industry and commerce in the world.

This is how the Jews contributed to the overall advancement in the world, as they were exiled to deliver technologies, science, industry, commerce, and religions to other nations.  

Originally, all religions served the purpose of moving humanity forward, and thanks to religions, paganism ceased to exist. People stopped worshipping trees and stones and stopped associating material objects with supernatural powers. They became more spiritual.

Thus, a good basis was created for the development of arts, painting, music, etc. The arts stimulated people’s internal, spiritual advancement and reached the common people through their religions. The nations of the world do not have a clue that their success in the arts and sciences was made possible by the Jews who received this knowledge only because at some point they attained the upper spiritual force hidden in nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/0515

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