Two Questions In The Heavenly Court

laitman_236_01Question: Why is it said that it was refusal and rejection that later become a new receptive Kli?

Answer: I have nothing other than an appetite, hunger, a feeling of lack or fulfillment. This is our essence. This is the unique characteristic that I can use. Also within me is that point from Bina, which helps me change my attitude towards the desire to receive and the feeling in it, the feeling of lack or the feeling of fulfillment. The desire to receive with the feeling of lack or fulfillment is Malchut. The point from which I can observe and examine it is the point of Bina. Because Malchut is an offspring of Bina; this ability exists within it.

When I use the point of Bina and identify with it, I can see how Malchut suffers or enjoys fulfillment or the lack of fulfillment. I now want to take Malchut and change it so that it will be like Keter. To do this I must bestow, like Keter. So I summon all of the Light that there is in my Malchut, but I don’t enjoy feeling this within me but through passing it through me to others. In this way I will be like Keter, like the guest who makes himself like the host.

I enjoy the Light that I receive—not the Light itself, but transmitting it to others. If I were simply to return the Light to the Host, I would not give Him contentment. I must enjoy the Light within my Kelim by giving pleasure to the Host, and this is the enjoyment that I transmit back to the Host.

And here we can already see what the NRNHY is. I simply receive Light, and to the degree that within me I am ready to feel the pleasure that I am giving to the Host, it receives the form that is called Ohr HaNefeshOhr HaRuachOhr HaNeshamaOhr HaHaya, and Ohr HaYechida. This depends on how much I allow myself to enjoy it and whether I can transmit this to the Host and feel how much He enjoys the entire extraction that I am prepared to bring out from this enjoyment, and how we connect together in the same enjoyment. The Light is shared between us; otherwise we cannot connect. Here my desire and His desire are connected into one. All of this is done using the receptive Kelim, yet not in their usual form, but above them, meaning, above their usual significance and usage.

Question: How do I know that the Creator has pleasure?

Answer: For this you need to feel Him. So you demand revelation. You demand revelation not to enjoy it, but only to know if you are giving Him pleasure. This is the right request. This is exactly what we must demand in order to work.

Question: In the physical world, how must I feel pleasure from the Light within my desire?

Answer: There is no this world or next world; they differ only in the different attitude to pleasure, where it is felt. If you enjoy giving pleasure to others, this is called “the spiritual world.” If you cannot enjoy transferring it to someone else, it means that you don’t feel him as yourself, so you are still found in the material world. In your eyes, the system is still not connected.

Question: What force can keep me on the way because it is impossible to exist without any pleasure?

Answer: Help from heaven—only the Creator can help. It is good when a person depends on the Light that Reforms. This is called “help from heaven.” It is written that after death when a person reaches the heavenly court, he is asked: “Were you engaged in Torah? Did you expect salvation?” “Engaged in Torah” means, did you attract the Light that Reforms and “you shall love your friend as yourself” meaning, did you realize the great general rule of the Torah?

When you were involved with this, did you expect salvation, that the Light that Reforms would come to you and give you the power of bestowal and love of others and through that the love of the Creator? A person is only asked about this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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