The Torah Begins From A Secret

laitman_527_05The possibility of attaining the higher power of nature was revealed for the first time to a person who lived 5,775 years ago. For this reason, he was called Adam HaRishon (the First Man). This is because he implemented in himself all kinds of corrections allowing him to discover the ability to feel, understand, and attain the higher force within himself, to break through to a dimension in which this force operates.

He was the first Kabbalist because he discovered a new sense that was not based upon the characteristic of reception but on the characteristic of bestowal. Adam wrote a book about the discovery of the higher force and was survived by his students who began to develop this method, making it possible for every person to develop within himself the sense for feeling the higher force, according to his desire.

Question: It is strange to hear this because we are used to this person being a half-legendary figure who lived with his wife Eve in the Garden of Eden and ate an apple from the tree of knowledge.

Answer: The idea is that the Torah always speaks in human language, even when it talks about very exalted things.

The Torah describes a unique spiritual process on a number of levels called PARDES (Pshat – Simplicity, Remez – Hint, Drush – Allegory, Sod – Secret), and if we know how to read it correctly, then we can reach the state of Adam HaRishon, Adam.

This PARDES is four levels of understanding the Torah, and attainment of the Torah begins from the Sod, as the giant Kabbalist, the Gaon of Vilna said, because still we don’t know anything. So, when we begin from Adam HaRishon who ate an apple, for us, this is a true secret because we don’t understand what the Torah is talking about.

However, if we work according to the Kabbalistic method, gradually we approach the hidden realm, the hidden higher force, and we begin to discover this part of creation. Then we begin to see in the Torah what is really happening there, and, from Sod, we move to the simplest interpretation, to the Pshat.

The Pshat symbolizes for us that everything that is said in the Torah is simple and revealed to our understanding.
To be continued…
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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