The Global Financial Crisis Has Begun

laitman_220Opinion (Vesti): “We increasingly hear about the approach of the next global financial crisis. But the truth is that this crisis has already begun. We already see declines in the global stock markets.

“Most of the declines have happened in the nations that are known as emerging markets. For most of them the economy has not developed so the world doesn’t know about them. In recent years, the developing nations have received access to cheap dollar loans. But now, when the dollar has become stronger, the borrowers are forced to borrow more and more in the local currency to serve the dollar-denominated debts. And this is even though the prices of many products that are exported by these nations are dropping.

“Exactly the same reasons caused a crisis in Latin America in the 80s and the financial crisis in Asia in the 90s. Now just about all the global stock markets will drop significantly, in comparison to the peaks of this year or the past year. But in the meantime they are all still far from collapse. In much of the developing world the situation is completely different.

“There are 23 nations in which the stock markets have collapsed: Malaysia, Brazil, Egypt, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. And this is only the beginning, for the crisis must soon move from the developing nations to the developed nations.

“The central banks have lost control over the situation, and little time remains until global collapse. In the Autumn of 2015 we can expect to see a series of shocks. The global financial crisis has already begun and in the coming months it will become clear how great its dimensions are.”

Comment: There is a means in the hands of the Kabbalists, and this is unity. Only this will take our world out to its next state. Because the world was created on top of the shattering of a single system called Adam, and only the restoration of this system, its correction, will bring our world to a stable and good state.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks specifically about realizing the method of the correction of our world. The problem is that there is no need to correct the world and the financial system, but the individual and society. Nobody wants this and nobody believes that the matter is possible.

We must overcome the psychological obstacle; it is possible to overcome it through the influence of the Upper Light ,which corrects, called the “light of Torah” or simply “Torah” or “The Light that Reforms.” But it is necessary to ask it to have an influence. The request appears as a result of suffering and hopelessness or as a result of the influence of the environment, which is what we ourselves create. That is how we choose either the way of suffering or the way of Torah.

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