A World In Which Evil Is Found Everywhere

Laitman_417Comment: In the meantime not all people understand that we are in a systemic crisis. Even if someone feels this, he thinks that the crisis will soon come to an end: “A year or two we will suffer, tightening our belts a bit, and everything will be as usual.”

Answer: I don’t think that the crisis will end soon because there is no power in the world to monitor order that would take a firm hand, putting everything in its place.

The world leaders were once Germany and England, later a few nations together. Even the opposition between America and Russia made the world situation smoother since the two powers reined in and restrained all kinds of jumps. Today this doesn’t exist.

America has abandoned its role of global policeman and we see that the world is entering an unpredictatable situation. There is no power to hold onto the world order, applying pressure somewhere to limit something, making something else possible through which nature could move and maintain at least some kind of order. This doesn’t exist now and cannot exist because American dominance and its presence in the world arena is decreasing, which previously made it possible to hold, maintain and align the world order.

So the world is deteriorating into a state that is unpredictable. This program was determined by nature a few thousand years ago and was tested in the Kabbalistic sources. They said that ultimately the entire Islamic world would begin to dominate the Christian one. Moreover we see that this is not a military intervention, but a quiet and peaceful occupation.

It is already impossible to stop this process; it is impossible to equalize the growth of the Arab population in Europe and that of the European population. So according to the calculations of the experts, in another 20-30 years Europe will be entirely subordinated to Islam.

The world is entering a completely wretched situation; if in the some South America nations, like Brazil and others, clearly went in a kind of socialist direction, now they are driving themselves into such big problems, which translates into a crisis. In the end, the world will become quite homogeneous, and evil will be found everywhere.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/19/15

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