The Only Correct Solution Is Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen developed countries became sufficiently advanced, they started developing the so-called “third world” countries (in Asia and Africa) and entered these countries in order to establish factories and prepare all their infrastructures. But in order to set up manufacturing, it’s also necessary to educate people; therefore, they started opening schools there. In addition, developed nations began to accept international students from these regions into their universities. And from that point on, all of humanity became very interconnected at the level of material prosperity, education, science, and culture.

Today, all of the world’s countries are bound together by very close ties. The Americans jokingly say that whenever they want to call from New York to Boston, the call first goes through India, where people sit answering the phones and then connect them. It appears that these phone lines connect us to each other to such a degree that we don’t worry about distances, don’t neglect any country, and aren’t even concerned that we’ll have to install a transcontinental communication cable.

And if we delve into this issue even deeper, we’ll see that the entire planet is wrapped in an enormous multifaceted and multilayered communications network. And today, it’s impossible to build or manufacture something if you don’t have sufficient knowledge or an opportunity to receive the most suitable equipment from any producer in the world, or if you don’t have access to necessary information and specialists. This is how our world is built now.

All these ties developed throughout the last century, but suddenly we’ve discovered that for many reasons this system isn’t working. Analysts in the fields of sociology, political science, economics, and finance are offering their solutions to this problem, each in their own way. But ultimately, there’s just one simple solution: This system now demands a more internal connection of us.

And in order to continue our development, we must achieve a closer connection and understand and accept the necessity of mutual guarantee, that is, the fact that we depend on one another, live on one planet Earth, and that no other alternative exists other than to feel that we all are like one family.

In other words, our development began by trading what we produced: equipment, foodstuffs, and so on. Gradually, joint ventures and international banks started to form; stock exchanges began to join together. I can make transactions on the Tokyo stock exchange and right after, on the stock exchanges in Germany, Moscow, or New York. It doesn’t matter where and what I trade because in any place, everything is essentially the same. I only analyze where it’s worthwhile to invest and where it’s not.

But money is kept in one place, and banks only send each other transaction notifications through electronic means, and this is sufficient. It doesn’t even matter to us where the money is stored physically because we consider gold to be the main equivalent of their value. Perhaps the money itself is kept in one of the “third world” countries as a repository of all the gold reserves, but what’s important is that strict accounting is maintained there.

As I already mentioned, lately we feel that our connection cannot continue in this manner. This is especially true in Europe. On one hand, it’s the most developed place, but on the other, it is the most disunited one. And we are now seeing that due to this disconnection, they are deprived of inner concordance, of understanding and feeling that they belong to a single system. This hinders all the countries of the global market since the single market isn’t enough. It’s also necessary to unite all these countries with much tighter bonds, but this isn’t easy.

The difficulty is that we need to be closer to each other in spirit, based on our understanding of the situation and recognition of the fact that we cannot exist without each other. This is why it’s necessary to cultivate in the nations of Europe an understanding that mutual dependence between them is required.

It’s clear that that’s the case, but the problem is that even though the decision-makers in politics, scientists, the middle class, and the average folk understand with their reason the necessity for changes, they aren’t yet emotionally ready to give up their individual lives and national characteristics.

In truth, we believe that this isn’t even necessary. A person doesn’t need to change their behavior and habits that pertain to culture and national traditions. One should only rise above them towards connection with other people, towards mutual guarantee.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 5, 1/2/12

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