The Results Of 70% Of Psychological Studies Are Incorrect!

laitman_546_03In the News ( “A group of psychologists tried to replicate 100 studies from all kinds of different branches of psychology published in the leading scientific journals.  They succeeded in replicating only 39% of these works to some degree of approximation to the original study. And meaningful statistical significance was obtained in only 36% of the works.

“The project was begun on the background of reports about forgeries, unclear explanations and errors in the area of the statistical analysis in the psychological articles. Because articles chosen for the study were only from the most respected journals and those that had gone through review, the scientists expressed an estimation that up to 80% of all studies in the field of psychology cannot be replicated.”

My Comment: This is natural because psychology is not a science. We cannot study our inner world because we cannot be above ourselves. Only when we rise to the next level of development, helped by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah can we understand who we are, studying and attaining everything about ourselves because through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah we discover the Creator, the force that creates and manages us.

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