A Person Without A Soul

laitman_628_4If a person develops a desire that is directed towards upper, spiritual attainment, then inside this corrected desire one starts feeling a new reality. One starts living in this reality as though in the physical world, though this reality is even more real since the spiritual impressions do not disappear, get dull, or weaken.

A person aspires to advance. With this in mind, one starts to understand what is going on with him in this world throughout every moment and why certain events take place. One learns how to properly utilize it all in order to develop his soul even further.

Eventually one becomes a real dweller of the future world. This means, a person perceives an additional reality to the world he exists in today. There is a reality we perceive through regular means through our five senses we received at birth. However, there is yet another reality that governs our world and influences it.

If we could attain this higher governance and knew how to correctly react towards it, then we could manage our life in the best way possible. If we have no idea about it, then we have to suffer.

Question: Does it turn out that until a person develops a soul within him he has no soul?

Answer: Of Course! No one possesses a soul. A person is born with one informative spiritual gene (Reshimo). It is like a drop of semen that in the future will develop a soul. If a person does not develop it then he has no soul.
From the Radio Program Israeli 103FM 2/1/15

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