In The Matrix Of Worlds

laitman_739We exist in a completely deterministic system, tied from end to end with billions of nodes, and it is not in our power to change it. We only have the purely subjective possibility of changing its influence on us in that we experience its influence within us according to our internal state.

The science of Kabbalah says  that:

• Either we go with the flow of this system, which obliges us to be changed according to it; it forces us to bring ourselves into balance with it.

But this equilibrium is attained through very serious problems, continuous suffering that comes to all of humanity and to all of nature. And this is not only on the face of the Earth (volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes) but also in the universe (explosions on stars and other cosmic dramas).

• Or we strive to understand this system, what it requires from us, according to what law it evolves, and how we can match it so that we put ourselves into a state of homeostasis, balance, and harmony with it.

In this general system, which includes all of creation, space, our planet Earth with its nature and ecology and ourselves, is called the upper world, and we are within it.

The science of Kabbalah explains where we are and in what manner we can, from our free will, independently, with the joy of discovery and attainment, aspire to balance and accommodation with this external system all the time.

Through constant pursuit of the point of balance with the general system, when we go with it in unison, we begin to perceive its development, its forces, its tendencies, the intelligence that is behind this entire plan and its inner power.
There we feel intense love and care for us.

As we begin to be involved with this vast wisdom, we see that it includes all that a person feels and much more.

All this is given so that a person can become aware of his desires and thoughts; he goes out of himself and becomes an integral particle of the whole system; that is, he attains it completely and simultaneously is in at as one small manageable part.

Question: What prevents us from hearing this call or feeling this thought?

Answer: In order to understand the unity and integrality of the system, we were created disconnected and opposite to each other. This is because if we were created within this system, with its same characteristics, we would be inanimate, like it.

And in order to raise us from the inanimate level to the highest level, meaning to the thought of creation, we need to be completely opposite to this system, starting from our initial and basic state so that nothing disappears from us. We remain separate and opposite to the absolute, and are joined together above this, to attain a similarity to Him.

So when a person begins to grow spiritually, he is dual, meaning composed internally of two opposing systems. One of them is completely opposite to the system of management and the second is some partial resemblance to it that he himself creates within himself.

This was done intentionally by nature, so that from our point of view, we could “give birth to ourselves” as spiritually sensitive and begin spiritual attainment, ascending the levels of the upper worlds. The levels of the upper worlds are levels of resemblance to the upper force.

Question: Why would a person not immediately be placed within this harmonious state?

Answer: If he were placed him in such a state, he would have remained insensitive, like a stone in a field; he would lie there and not feel anything other than his minimal state.

But there are people who yearn to include the whole world within them, to understand, to perceive, to connect with the entire complete system. A person must have a desire like this: he needs to love and to tolerate, to be found with two opposing characteristics and grow according to the distance between them.

He suffers from not attaining fulfillment of his desires, whereas these are determined for him from above. A new desire is born within him every moment; this is called the awakening of Reshimot (remembrances). Reshimot [from the word, “Roshem” (impression), “Rishum” (recording)] are records of the next states. And the person constantly yearns for what is ahead with the goal of realizing them. This is his role.

And here he has a choice: either he throws everything into the hands of fate, and then he is pushed forward through all kinds of means, or he tries to attain his next state through his research and rising above himself. And this summarizes our lives: either a person goes with the flow or he tries to paddle on his own.

The difference between movement without organization and moving on your own is that you move with your own forces, you go with the force of the Creator. And in movement without organization, the nature of the inanimate rules you and you remain spiritually inanimate.

But to advance independently, against the nature of the inanimate, you need to receive His characteristics from the upper force, from the Creator. He makes it possible for you to advance forward, for this is the system of your relationship with the Creator. You go out to another level, and are not left alone in a boat in the middle of the turbulent river of life, but rise up to Him and are found with Him, above the stars.
From the conversation 11/19/14

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