How To Balance The Sexual Desires Of Teens?

laitman_568_01Question: What is the correct attitude of adolescents towards sex?

Answer: I cannot answer that question because I think that everything depends on education. If we had given a person the right education and upbringing from childhood, by the beginning of sexual development, he would already be prepared for this internally: would correctly perceive all the signs of attraction to the opposite sex correctly, would know how to behave, how to act. I am not for restriction and not for absolute freedom. Everything should be aimed at attaining the goal of creation, including this.

During adolescence, very strong drives are developing in people, attracting them forward. In these years between ages ten to twenty, they can absorb everything, be consciously educated, and create a positive image and clarity with the help of which they will go towards the goal of creation. And suddenly such powerful passions flare up that they cannot satisfy, and they think about them all the time. Besides all this is heated up by the media.

A person is in a certain contradiction here. On the one hand, one has a lot to learn, perceive, and create. And on the other hand, one is constantly bombarded by thoughts about sex.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a system of education that will find harmony between these two opposing forces that appear in us so that we will move forward correctly. At the same time, we need to attract and awaken those other forces, properties, and aspirations.

It is necessary to ensure that the desire to create an Adam (Man) from ourselves and to attain the goal of creation will be as strong and even stronger than sexual desires.

But this requires a very serious system that will surround the person, raises one, and touches the deepest desires about the opposite sex and the desire for development towards the goal. If we create a system of education like this, then we will make people happy.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/8/14

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