Problem Number One

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem with education is the biggest problem in the world. It is thought that a human being is differentiated from animals specifically because of education. But If we compare how humans and animals raise their offspring, to our great sorrow, we don’t have anything to boast about or be proud of.

Animals educate their offspring until they learn how to live correctly, protect themselves, develop, and reproduce. While we educate our children in the same manner, when they mature, they withdraw and kill themselves.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the educational results of the present generation can only be seen twenty years later. And if, after twenty years, something begins to change, the future changes will be revealed and appear in another twenty years and even later.

According to the example of my generation, one could say that we didn’t devote any attention to sex education and mutual relationships between young people. They didn’t teach us how to educate children and how to build the right relationships in a family between parents and children, in society, or with our neighbors.

We didn’t learn the psychology of the person, or the society in which we live, or the psychology of the world. This negligence in education cannot replace intelligence.

Education is the most important thing in life, but we don’t get it in kindergarten, in school, or in universities. Even those who finish their studies in psychology remain undeveloped psychologically because their education is not appropriate to their age. This is in contrast to what usually happens with animals that develop and naturally connect with nature. Humans don’t have this.

Most adults don’t differ from children in any way. They don’t know how exactly what is necessary to behave, how to interact correctly with their surrounding environment or in the family. Men are not familiar with the psychology of women and women are not familiar with the psychology of men, so they don’t know how to communicate correctly between them.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says very simply that if we want to live normally, even simply, we must organize our material home life, and that first and foremost we must pay attention to education. And it is not important on what level of technological development we exist as the main thing for us is the good organization of human life and a normal, healthy family. This is what we are missing so much.

It is specifically on this that the wisdom of Kabbalah places an emphasis, in that it is explained that from a person must be made a social component included in a communications circle, to create the possibility of the right mutual cooperation with other people, and show in what manner he can come in contact with them so that human society will become one family.

Only in a case like this will we feel ourselves in safety, comfort, and pleasure and be able to comfortably pass on to our children the safe and comfortable world that we have prepared for them.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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