Do Not Allow Another Catastrophe On A Universal Scale, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we avoid problems even before they come, by relating ourselves to the upper governance, which apart from that there is nothing else?

Answer: Without waiting for problems to appear, we should transform them into the attainments of greatness, mercy, and revelation of the upper governance. Unhappiness is the result of the same Upper Light that I take into myself for the sake of bestowal that brings me suffering by its effect on me.

After all, if I do not receive it in the correct form, for the sake of bestowal, when it enters my egoistic desire, it causes a breakage. That is what is felt as misfortunes, death, problems, hunger, and disease. It is all the same Light, as there is nothing but the Light and desire.

The Light is coming towards us because it is compelled to do so according to the program of creation, the plan of natural development on the time axis. Its time to be manifested inside the desire has arrived and we must be ready to accept this Light for the sake of bestowal.

But our desire is not ready! Are you not ready? Nonetheless, the Light enters the desire and causes a feeling of darkness. We are not able to take in the Light for the sake of bestowal; we have neither restriction on our ego nor the screen. This darkness will be manifested as catastrophe, wars, problems, and epidemics. Terrible misfortune will be revealed if we are not able to stop them, and all this because of a lack of correction of desires.

Everything is done by the Upper Light, and it can be both the elixir of life or fatal poison for us. We choose what it can be! Therefore, the people of Israel have no one to blame. We ourselves were the cause of everything that happened to us, especially in the 20th century, no matter how painful it is to talk about that. I grew up in a family that suffered greatly from the Holocaust.

But nothing can be done if it is a law of nature. And now, according to the general program of development, which is realized on the time axis in a natural way, we come to a similar situation that existed before the Holocaust. If we do not prepare ourselves, then the Light will come closer to us and an uncorrected vessel will be found again. Terrible darkness will be revealed in this vessel, this desire, which will cause terrible problems in the world.

This will affect every person, every nation, and every part of the world and all civilizations, which now according to various estimates, there are six or eight. Everyone will be hit to the extent to which each of us have already developed, and it is our fault that we still lack the screen and the reflected Light, that is readiness for connection. In normal earthly language, it is called a lack of good communication between people. This is the example of unity that the nation of Israel must show the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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