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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Water in Russia is almost free. In other words, it is an unlimited public resource. However, recently, a water pipe burst somewhere in Russia, and mineral water prices rose tenfold immediately. Water has become a limited resource.

Why should men change and not increase the price of water by a factor of ten times its previous price if it has become a limited resource? Is it really possible to change the nature of people?

Answer: No, that is absolutely impossible. It can be achieved only through a gradual reconstruction of our consciousness, when we enter a completely different force, an environment where we completely depend on one another.

Let’s move away from the sellers and shortages and take a different look at the problem. Imagine that we exist on Earth in a limited number, and we all are interconnected. How can we build a society where all of us would have a reasonable and sufficient level of existence regarding healthcare, heat, food, clothing, shelter, safety, and so on? How can we achieve this without taking our interconnection into consideration?

Question: Theoretically, everyone understands this, but prices of water are rising in the city of Uryupinsk where the pipe has burst.

Answer: This is natural. We cannot jump over this stage. In this case, we must provide mankind or that very same Uryupinsk with integral upbringing. We must change the system of human relations within it to the point of making a person realize that his advancement toward happiness depends on his being going hand-in-hand with others. There is no other way for us to enter the integration of the world that now is being offered to us.

Question: Let us say that I arrive in Uryupinsk ten years after the introduction of integral upbringing there. Suddenly, a water pipe bursts, but the cost of water remains the same. What needs to happen to the city for this to happen? What will make life in this city turn upside down?

Answer: Life is overturned because people always think about themselves and providing for themselves in a way that problems will not separate people. First of all, everyone must be ruled and controlled by constant balance and integration. The bursting of a pipe is a common problem, a common disaster, and we pay for it together.

Question: How does a storeowner need to change in order not to rewrite price tags?

Answer: I do not think that this is up to the storeowners. When we speak of a society where everything is interconnected, we refer to a society of reasonable consumption.

The thing is that I am speaking of a distant future, not something that will happen in ten years. We must go from one type of society to another.

We must build it so that all the people within it are mutually balanced, which means that they would have absolutely equal rights and equal benefits, that they would reasonably consume what they need without producing absolutely unnecessary types of goods, embellishments, and things just because someone wants to profit from them.

There will be practically no advertising. We produce a necessary amount of goods, products, and everything else in the exact quantities that a person needs to exist normally on the corporeal level. Right now, we are speaking about satisfying our fundamental, basic needs.

Question: I remember that this is the way it was in the Soviet Union, but sailors would bring in suitcases of jeans and sell them at insane prices.

Answer: The thing is that, in the past, we were forced and limited in every way by the government. We were completely unprepared for the change of this paradigm.

Today, practically in all the countries in the world, we live in a society that is in a state of depression, a society that understands that this path of development leads to a dead end. A society of unlimited consumption that constantly sucks everything it can from the ground and contaminates it cannot exist.

The main thing is that nature is showing us that today we are becoming integrally connected. If we were to take any integral system, be it a mechanical, electrical, or absolutely any system, all the elements in it are completely interconnected. They mutually define one another and take care of the operation of the entire system. This is an analog system where the entrance and the exit are the same. Everything is built on the balance inside the system.

How can we see our future in this analog, integral system? Every part must feel that it is a part of a common organism. When a pipe bursts somewhere, it must be the first to plug the hole. In other words, all the parts together strive toward this. This is a common problem, and the entire system experiences it. It is not just a problem of someplace, somewhere.

Question: We are painting a desirable picture.

Answer: It is a necessary one because nature demands this of us, and it will continue pushing us toward this with a stick! What will we do with this challenge that nature is throwing us?

If we begin to penetrate the system, we will begin to see certain ins and outs, and a gradual coming together. This, of course, will take many, lengthy years, but this is evolution. Moreover, the interesting thing is that, if we only were to begin to move in this direction, we already would be in search of balance with nature. We would begin being in balance and homeostasis with it, and thus, would evoke positive forces over us.
From KabTV’s “Global Crisis: The Deficit of Resources” 3/1/12

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  1. The boons of moving with the tide and surf are many, as are the pains of running directly into it’s way…

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