Correction Comes From Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 69, “First Will Be the Correction of the World”: He said that first will be the correction of the world, then will be the complete redemption…that first the interior of the worlds will be corrected and subsequently the exterior of the worlds…and the root of Israel is from the interior of the worlds.

“Israel” are those who are drawn to Yashar-El (straight to the Creator), those who have the “point in the heart.” In the past in Ancient Babylon, a group of people discovered this desire and broke off from the others, and named itself according to its direction to the goal. Later this group became a nation that went through ages of development.

Now history is repeating itself, and again there is a group that organizes according to the same principle and is also called “Israel,” according to the direction of its development. It belongs to the interior part because it is the desires of Galgata ve Eynaim, the vessels of bestowal.

This is the meaning of “for ye were the fewest of all peoples.” However, by correcting the interior, the exterior is corrected too, though in small pieces. And the exterior will be corrected every time, until all the exterior is corrected.

Thus, it is enough to correct the “one percent” in order to correct the whole world, bit by bit, part by part.

This means that we have to find people who feel the importance of the goal of creation, of the interior development. They should connect so that they will feel and understand where our evolution is headed. By connecting and correcting themselves, they will pass on the correction to the exterior part as well and influence the whole world.

This is why we are having a convention in America, not for external dissemination, but for people who yearn to discover the upper force. We should provide them with the necessary conditions to unite, so that they will be able to fulfill the correction and then it will flow from them to the world.

They have to feel that they are responsible for that, since the exterior part cannot operate independently. Ordinary people, from the leaders to common folks cannot correct themselves. Only those who have the point in the heart can do that. We turn to them by explaining to them what the correction depends on and what they should do in order to help the world.
From the Lesson in New Jersey on 5/10/12, Shamati #69

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