Several Possible Scenarios For The Fate Of Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Radoslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland): “The first is disintegration. If the effects of the European Central Bank’s relief for the banking sector fizzle out and the financial crisis deepens, the risk of the eruozone’s collapse would become real – and if it were to disintegrate or shrink, the single market would be hard to salvage. …

“An EU in which community institutions atrophy would quickly slide into geopolitical irrelevance. The vacuum would be filled by a resurgent Russia and an assertive China.

“The second and more plausible scenario is drift. The EU retains its current shape. Member states take decades to repair their public finances. We cling to our standard of living by imposing external barriers but fail to regain global competitiveness. … Europe becomes a continent-sized Monaco – a wealthy retirement home with a few tourist attractions.

“The third scenario, sometimes proposed as an alternative to the first two, is the imposition of utopian federalism: a unitary supranational state with a central government and single parliament.

“There is also a fourth possibility – Poland’s proposal – of a permanent political union that preserves national powers in many areas. … In a federal but not centralised Europe, matters of culture, religion, way of life, and principal tax rates would remain in the purview of member states.”

My Comment: The path of suffering or Light depends on our choice, but still as a result of the peace or war processes, everything comes to unity in a single structure, unified humanity, with one spiritual government that will bring everyone up in full compliance with nature—the Creator.

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