The Post-Crisis World Institute: Wait For The Storm

Opinion (Alexander Iskandaryan, Armenia, Director of the Caucasus Institute, international research paper Models of Post-Crisis Development): “An ideological system cannot be born and pass through the phase of structuring, propaganda and capturing the masses in just 10 years. Around 60-70 years passed between Marx and the October Revolution. And 30-50 years is the period in which movement in this direction has to happen. Socialist ideology has died, liberal ideology cannot offer anything new, and the limits of Islam are clear. So the appearance of a new ideology is very important!”

Anders Svensson, Sweden, tax manager, “Big Four” international auditing firm: “In the long term I hope there will be alternative globalization, but I’m not very optimistic about that.”

Gaetano Capasso, Belgium, stock trader (EU equities Germany, UK, France, Italy), Vanguard Investments: “For the next 10 years I would think there will be social progress, because public opinion asks for it and politicians are looking at how their actions can get the highest number of votes.”

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